Berlin’s public transport uses transphobia in a publicity stunt

BVG is Berlin's main public transport corporation, the one that runs buses, trams and the U-Bahn. They have been known for edgy advertising and I've been a fan of their campaigns in the past. The organisation took the plunge during International Women's day and decided it would be a good idea to introduce what they call Frauentickets or Women's tickets the coming Monday, 18 March It is a very obvious publicity stunt and is only sold as a day ticket with a € 1.50 discount from a regular one, which symbolises the wage gap. This is still something that could have been used for good and I am sure that was their original intention, while the reality of the matter is in fact the opposite.

Why I stepped aside from the Transgender Flag Emoji group and why the Transgender Flag is not a part of the new version of Emoji

Transgender flags waving in the wind in a park

While I have been evaluating my volunteering projects in the past half a year and stepping away from some so I can concentrate on my full-time job, my relationships and friendships, my work with the group that has submitted technical proposals for the Transgender Flag Emoji is something that has generally laid still for long periods of time and has in fact not taken much time away from me, aside from the initial work of writing the technical bits of the proposal

Why I’m closing my LinkedIn account and you should too

I cannot change my username, even if I have changed the name in my profile — so I would be deadnaming myself by keeping the account open.An extreme amount of noise being generated via email messages and phone notifications.Pre-generated and unpersonal communications.My LinkedIn contacts list was generally composed of former coworkers, many of which I … Continue reading Why I’m closing my LinkedIn account and you should too