Vegan friendly eats around WordCamp Europe 2019

As someone who has spent the majority of her past 5 years in and around Neukölln, where WordCamp Europe is being held this year, I felt compelled to create this list of good eateries, restaurants and holes-in-walls around this year’s venue.

Hotel Estrel is some distance away from the centre of things in the neighbourhood has very good public transport connections and I recommend getting a public transport pass that is valid throughout your stay.

Keep it in mind that not every restaurant on my list accepts cards, so remember to bring cash. Berlin is also rather unique in Europe when it comes to tipping, with 10% being the most common amount for tips.

Also note that some locals will refuse to understand you or assume you are asking them about the weekend when you are asking them about vegan options. In German, there is an emphasis put on the A in the word vegan.

The following list in not in any order of quality. Everyone has their own taste, but I have been to all of these at least several times.

Geschwister Nothaft

Schwarzastraße 9 — across the street from the Sonnenallee station.

  • 🚶‍♀️ A 5-minute walk from the Estrel
Salad and a bottle of Afri Cola.

A friendly hipster café with furniture that can remind anyone in the tech industry of a cash-strapped startup. There are also board games and a chess set you can use to destroy your opponents.

This place offers window seating, a nice outdoor area as well as delicious coffee and food.

Das π

Saalestraße 39A — across the street from the Sonnenallee station

  • 🚶‍♀️ A 5-minute walk from the Estrel

A locally owned pizzeria run by the same family that owns the nearby corner shop. The interior and the music being played sounds very “gangsta”.

This is a great place for groups of coworkers for instance.

They may ask you if you want cheese on your vegan pizza. It was not vegan cheese last time I checked.

Asia Fast Food

Saalestraße 39A — inside the Sonnenallee station building

  • 🚶‍♀️ A 5-minute walk from the Estrel

This family-run place with no actual name used to be my daily go-to lunch place when I worked next door. There is a vegan curry dish on the menu.

Note that their English skills are not the greatest, so please be patient with them.

Crazy Bastard Sauce

Weserstraße 168

  • 🚌 5 stops away from Estrel on thel M41 bus
  • 🚲 About 5 minutes by bike
  • 🚶‍♀️ About 20 minute walk

This weekend’s theme at Crazy Bastard is Caribbean Street Food, with jerk chicken and vegan alternatives. You can generally assume that half their menu is vegan or has a vegan alternative.

The drinks selection is a mix of the general selection you would see in Berlin as well as a variety of British imports such as Irn Bru.

This is one of their most busy weekend thematic menus, so make sure to get there in time.

This is also a great opportunity for hot sauce fans to get their hands on some of their amazing sauces and spices, so even if you don’t plan to stop to eat, then there’s something for you there.

Note that this place is only open on weekends as a restaurant, starting on Friday nights, so it is not open on Thursday for anything but retails sales.


Boxhagener Strasße 56 — close to Ostkreuz station

  • 🚃 2 stops on the S41 (Ringbahn)

Looking for vegan junk food? — Look no further! Vöner is an all-vegan place that serves amazing döners, burgers and fries.

I recommend the Durum Vöner with spicy sauce and peanut sauce.

Note that the Pommes Special is an over-filled plate with fries, onions and cheesy sauce. You have been warned. It is also delicious.

BBI — Berlinburger International

Pannierstraße 5

  • 🚌 7 stops from Estrel on the M41 bus
  • 🚲 About 10 minutes by bike

Amazing burgers in one of the most well-known burger establishment in the city. The place also offers cheese and chili fries.

The indoors part may be cramped, especially on weekends and the smoke in the air may not be for everyone. Also note that due to the size of this place, there are no bathroom facilities.

There’s a Nintendo with a Tetris and Super Mario combo cartridge in the corner. But it can be a bit of a challenge to control it.


Treptower Str. 90 — close to Hertzbergplatz

  • 🚶‍♀️ A 13-minute walk
  • 🚲 2 minutes by bike
  • 🚌 3 stops on the M41 bus

LoveBurger opened recently at the former location of Let it Be, so the venue has a history of selling vegan burgers.

The menu is simple, with 3-4 items, with a full-meal option with chips/fries and drinks.

Al Andalos

Sonnenallee 40

  • 🚌 7 stops from Estrel on the M41 bus
  • 🚲 About 10 minutes by bike

Do you want nice things like a quick falafel wrap for € 1.50? This is how you get nice things. They’ll even replace the sesame sauce with hummus for you for no extra charge.

Men Men Ramen House

Weserstraße 16

  • 🚌 7 stops from Estrel on the M41 bus
  • 🚲 About 10 minutes by bike

This is one of the gems of the neighborhood. Very ambitious Japanese ramen place with other offerings such as curry and dumplings as well.

This place is highly recommended by me and I may have added on some extra weight by coming there so often.


Weserstraße 212

  • 🚌 8 stops from Estrel on the M41 bus
  • 🚲 About 10-15 minutes by bike

This is mainly a retail shop, but on the inside, there is a small lunch restaurant.

Pavillon am Ufer

  • 🚌 7 stops on the M41 bus and then an 8-minute walk.
  • 🚲 10 minutes by bike
  • 🚶‍♀️ 36 minutes by foot

For those who want a nice walk or a short cycling trip down by the canal, this place offers cakes and coffee in a lovely outdoor setting surrounded by trees.

Oh and I’m looking for jobs and gigs!

If you are at WordCamp and want to say hi, don’t hesitate to do so! I’m currently looking for new adventures and if you want to get in touch, feel free to send me an email to aldavigdis [at] aldavigdis [dot] is.

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