Guide to drinking and partying around WordCamp Europe 2019

Bar hopping on Weserstraße

Weserstraße and its side streets offer a great way to bar hop. It’s a very long street but its eastern end is a 5-minute walk away from Estrel. Here are some examples:

Silver Future

The local all-inclusive queer bar in Neukölln. Please don’t take pictures in there and respect the others.

This bar doesn’t serve complex cocktails, but they do have nice long drinks, beers and other stuff.

Note that service is not included and make sure to tip generously and that smoking is allowed in the inner space.

Zum Krokodil

This hippie-run bar is a really good location for a mellow atmosphere and nice drinks.

Yuma Bar

Smoking is allowed in this bar, so make sure to have a change of clothes and to wash your hair tomorrow morning.

Classy craft brews

Brewdog Berlin Mitte

The world-famous Scottish craft brewery has a really nice location between the Nordbahnhof S-Bahn station and the Rosenthaler Platz U-Bahn station.

I recommend having a pizza and and Elvis Juice.

Mikkeller Berlin

The Danish nomadic brewer runs a bar not too far away from the Rosa Luxembourg Platz U-Bahn station.

Green Gold is great for the IPA fans, but my favourite is the Beer Geek Breakfast Stout.

BRLO Brewhouse

Open until midnight, the BRLO Brewhouse is the headquarters of the BRLO brewery. I recommend the Baltic Porter.


Try to get in to Berghain

The famous night club is located near Ostbahnhof — but be prepared to wait in line for a while and be rejected because reasons. If you are not into wearing black and can’t stand seeing people having sex against the walls, then perhaps you should spend your time elsewhere.


This is where the people who used to attend Berghain go to now. Located just across the canal from the Estrel, this is a good location for going clubing and not needing to take a taxi back to the hotel.


Some of you came to Berlin for some real underground electronic music. And let’s face it — the last time Berghain and Matrix were underground was 20 years ago.

Located at Hertzbergstraße 53 in the Lichtenbeerg neighbourhood, this is a real underground party for those who want to stay up all night.

Some of the DJs playing tonight are Anna Adams, Deepneue and the amazing Spiriel.

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